Advantages and Disadvantages of Oval Braided Jute Rugs: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Jute as a fabric has been in use since ancient times. It is even believed that poor farmers and weavers from India used to make rugs out of jute. The fabric has found its diverse uses throughout history. It’s been used to make containment bags, fishing loom, rope, string, and whatnot. In short, jute is a versatile and perhaps a trendy fabric. It is even known to have excellent breathability. But is jute suitable for rugs?

We’ve enlisted all the pros and cons of oval braided jute rugs within this article. And, by the time you’re done reading it, you’d already have formed a definite notion about it. So, let’s begin without any further ado!

Oval Braided Jute Rugs

Let’s Begin by Gathering the Good Things First: Advantages of Oval Braided Jute Rugs:

Unlike wool, jute does not seem that fancy. This is perhaps one reason you do not get to see many oval braided jute rugs lying around in people’s houses. That being said, jute rugs come with some extraordinary properties that made us fall for them. And, we believe by the time we finish this article you’ll feel the same too.

#1 Jute Rugs Are Extremely Versatile

Much like cotton, jute is obtained through natural resources. Jute is very comfortable on the skin and comes with excellent breathability too. Moreover, it can usually be found in neutral or earthly colors. They go well with rustic furniture and wooden floors. 

They can be paired with tiled floors across contemporary settings. They can even blend in rooms with vibrant colors and abstract layouts!

Another great thing about their appearance is their texture. You can put them on the floor of your living room and enhance the overall aesthetics.

#2 Buying These Oval Braided Jute Rugs Won’t Put a Whole in Your Pockets

That’s right! These rugs are surprisingly affordable, especially as compared to the woolen rugs. On top of that, they are fairly easy to maintain. All you need to do is to vacuum them periodically. However, they do need to be cleaned immediately in case you spill some greasy liquid on them. Nevertheless, you can use water and a mixture of house detergent to clean off the stains.

#3 No Other Fabric Comes Close to Jute in Terms of Production Speed

This is a little-known fact that jute plants can be grown relatively quickly. Plus, they’re one of the most challenging fauna species that does not need any fertilizers or pesticides. This saves a lot of time, money, and efforts during the pre-production procedure. But that’s not all this unique fabric has to offer. Oval braided jute rugs are created without adding any chemicals. So, it’s completely safe even for households with pets and children—long story short, jute the perfect fabric for all nature lovers.

#4 Jute Makes the Toughest of All Rugs

We all know that your cat loves to scratch random things. By random, we mean the things you value the most; your area rug is one of them. And, that dog of yours has an unquestionable appetite for chewing on the carpets. Guess what, your jute rugs can take all that beating and still stand tall (actually lay flat).

Oval Braided Jute Rugs

Jute is considered to be the strongest of all-natural fibers. This particular property enables the weavers to create intricate designs without having to add any synthetic adhesive. Moreover, the inter-thread bonding of this material makes the rugs extremely durable. We are talking about years of use without getting any wear and tear. Typically speaking, jute rugs are the best for households with pets.

#5 You Can Recycle Your Your Oval Braided Jute Rugs without Having to Worry About the Environment

You need not worry about your reject jute rugs piling up in the dumpster. Unlike plastic, they’re made of natural fiber. This makes them easily recyclable. In fact, in most cases, all one needs to do is un-weave the rugs. Even if the carpet is entirely out of commission, it will take relatively less time to decompose.

#6 Jute Rugs Are Hypoallergenic in Nature

As mentioned earlier, jute rugs do not undergo any chemical treatment. Moreover, simple vacuuming can get even the dirtiest rugs cleaned in minutes. And, unless you’re allergic to jute, you should not be having any trouble using these easy cleaning, reasonably-priced rugs!

So, Jute Rugs Are Durable, Pet-Friendly, and Reasonably-Priced. Are There Any Drawbacks, Though?

There are indeed certain drawbacks, disadvantages of oval braided jute rugs that you need to know before making up your mind.

#1 Oval Braided Jute Rugs Shed All the Time

This is something we hate about jute rugs. Unlike cotton, silk, or wool, jute rugs tend to shed throughout their lifetime. And, though cleaning them is relatively easy, we don’t believe anyone can be a typical fan of them shedding all the time.

#2 Jute Rugs are Not the Most Comfortable Choice

This is yet another problem you’ll face using oval braided jute rugs. They’re fine if you wear house slippers all the time. However, we would not recommend tip-toeing on a jute rug on naked feet. We’d forbid it if it were for us to decide. Anyway, the point here is that these rugs may feel very scratchy. And the problem mainly exists with rugs made of 100% pure jute.

#3 Jute Rugs Won’t Hold the Position for Long

You’re lucky that jute rug is not on your community patrolling duty because it won’t hold its position for more than a minute! That was a joke, and we hope you realized that. Anyway, we’re trying to explain here that any jute rug tends to slip off relatively easily. This is especially true in the case of wooden flooring.

#4 Jute Rugs and Water Make the Perfect Pair of Enemies

You read that one right! No matter what you do, the two won’t get along. Jute is a brilliant water repellent. So, you might conjure up a way to craft an umbrella out of it. Nevertheless, you cannot use a jut rug for wiping off your feet coming out of the bathroom. We wouldn’t recommend putting them on the kitchen floor either.

Jute Rugs Conclusion

We’ve disclosed everything we knew about a jute rug. We’ve explained all the positive and negative aspects of the fabric. 

And, we’ve given you a clear description of how well the oval braided rugs work with pets in the house. However, we believe you understand that these rugs won’t be the softest on your feet. And, irrespective of being very durable, they cannot be used in the kitchen or bathroom. So, we’d not recommend buying one in case you are not a die-hard nature fan!