Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wool Rugs: All You’ll Ever Need To Know

There are many options to choose from if you’re looking forward to buying new home carpets. Polypropylene, cotton, polyester, and even nylon can get you confused! They’re readily available and usually cheap.

That being said, wool is the king of fabrics when it comes to home décor and practicality! But you don’t have to take us for our words. On the contrary, we’re here with this article to give you enough proof to trust us. So, without much ado, here’s what we have to say about wool rugs and their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wool Rugs
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wool Rugs

Let’s Start With Some Advantages Of Wool

We’d understand if you’ve already made up your mind about the fabric. It is, after all, one of the costliest fabrics available in the market. That being said, many features make wool rugs worth every penny you spend. In fact, we’re sure by the time we end up sharing all the details. You’ll love wool rugs just the way we do. So, here are a couple of pros that wool rugs come with: –

#1 Wool Is An Extremely Resilient Fabric

Sheep are pretty much a common sight in the countryside all around the world. The breed varies from place to place, but they still manage to survive the harshest of conditions. No, we’re going to teach you sheep herding. What we’re trying to establish here is the fact that sheep can be found around the world. Since wool is derived from sheep, the fabric is the most resilient one you will naturally find.

Navajo Wool Rug
Navajo Woool Rug

Moreover, it requires the least processing before being turned into your favorite articles like rugs, blankets, and whatnot. In other words, it is apt for most parts of the world and can bare the toughest of climates like its host!

#2 Even Superman Uses Wool Rugs In His Fortress Of Solitude

We say so not only because of the warmth wool brings but also because of its toughness! Wool as a fabric is pretty much indestructible! Although a few synthetic fabrics claim longevity, neither prove to be as sturdy as wool. When cared for properly, wool rugs are known to outlast even the toughest of conditions. As a matter of fact, the internet is full of examples where people have been using wool rugs for over three decades straight!

#3 Wool Rugs Don’t Get Stained Easily

Yes, you read that right! No other fabric resists stains like wool. It is practically repellent to all sorts of oily materials. This makes it easy to care for and clean. In short, you won’t have to worry about getting your dry-cleaning budget in check after a house party with wool rugs. This still does not give you the freedom to play mini-golf with a mud ball on one of your wool rugs, though! Oh! And, you should also not try to offer your wool rug any juices out of courtesy either. As good as they are at repelling oil, they can still be stained with other liquids!

#4 Wool Rugs Make the Coziest Carpets for all Places

Have you ever heard a sheep complaining about its outfit? We know you don’t speak sheep, but you got our point, right?

Wool is the most comforting fabric you can ever get your hands on, for sure. Polyester is a close second. And, still, it lags way behind wool in terms of sheer comfort! Wool rugs are warm, soft, mushy and keep you company when no one’s around to give you that well-deserved hug. And, that’s literally something you can only expect from a naturally occurring material!

Sheepskin Wool Rug
Sheepskin Wool Rug

Moreover, wool rugs make up for the cost they come by reducing the money and efforts you need to insulate your houses. They provide a perfectly warm and cozy sensation when layered as carpets in-home or offices (you can only dream of this one). In fact, wool rugs make the perfect companion for all wooden and even tiled floors!

#5 Wool Rugs are Hypoallergenic

Unless you have an allergy from wool itself, wool rugs make an excellent fit for people concerned with health issues. While it is true that some wool rugs do go through chemical dying processes to enhance the aesthetic values, most are available in natural colors. This means that you don’t have to be bothered about exposing yourself or your child to unwanted chemicals.

#6 Wool Rugs Are Least Susceptible To Fire Hazards

Yes, that’s true! Wool rugs have even been known to reduce the damage caused to any property in case of fire accidents. Plus, you can always hide under the wool carpets in your home in situations of heavy meteor showers. Not that it ever happens on earth, but who knows, perhaps this will come in handy when you go to live on Mars!

What are the Disadvantages of Wool Rugs?

Anything existent has its fair share of setbacks, and wool rugs are no exception to this fact! So, here are a couple of cons that you much favored wool rigs come with: –

#1 Wool Rugs May Take You A Fortune To Buy

No, we’re not joking! Wool rugs have been known to cost anything in between $5 – $30 per square foot. This is nearly four times the price you pay for your average rugs made of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon!

#2 Wool Rugs May Cause Maintenance Issues

Yes, they are practically resistant to oily and greasy substances, but that doesn’t make these rugs invincible. In fact, wool rigs are known to have been permanently stained if they’re not immediately treated in case of a spill!

#3 Wool Rugs Are Not Great For Overly Humid Places

While they make perfect carpeting companions for cold and dry areas, they’re not the best fit for humid destinations. One of the prime reasons behind this is the wool’s affinity to logging water particles. In short, this tendency can make the wool rugs log excessive water in overly humid regions!

#4 Humans Aren’t The Only Beings Who’re Obsessed With Wool Rugs

Wool fibers are a favorite for many moths and carpet beetles. These insects love to devour your expensive luxury as their breakfast. So, you must be careful to place wool rugs in regions prone to such insects. In fact, it is advisable to get your home bug sprayed for the safety of your precious rugs!

Wool Rugs Conclusion

We’ve already spilled out everything we knew about wool rugs. We’ve told you about a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages they come with. All being said, wool is a timeless classic that has its unique value.

It pretty much represents luxury in every aspect of its being. Add that to the comfort they bring in, and you’ll immediately realize that having wool rugs placed within your house will always be a sophistication you want to afford!