Area Rugs in Style: The best and coolest option

In the modern world, where interior design has become an important issue, rugs have taken a very high place on the list. And area rugs in style are the best and coolest option to go for. They only cover a part of the floor and enhance the look of the room.

Not only that, area rugs are much more pocket friendly than other rugs such as oriental or Islamic, or Persian rugs. The popular sizes of the area rugs make them suitable for any room. 

Area Rugs in Style
Area Rugs in Style

The best thing about area rugs is that since they are not wall to wall carpeting, it is effortless to clean, remove or replace it. It is super handy, lightweight, and very portable, and not only that, they offer a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, making it a perfect fit for any room. In this article, we will try and solve the critical questionable topics that one might come along while looking for an area rug. 

Colors in Style

Consider the area rug as a piece of art on the ground and choose the color accordingly. There are various patterns, colors, and textures available. The bold colored rugs like magentas, orange, or greens would go in a room with neutral color furniture.

Area Rugs in Style
Area Rugs in Style

If you like your room to look minimalistic and disagree with the vibrant colors, go for the rugs with geometric prints and generally neutral colors like beige, white, black, etc. Ever considered woven area rugs? The jute woven area rugs offer a very eclectic as well as classy look to the room.

Neutral Geometric Patterns

A person who is a fan of minimalistic designs can fall in love with the area rugs that have geometric patterns. Such stylish area rugs are available in neutral colors like beige, black, white, etc. And is hence the best for people who tend to shy away from bold and vibrant colors.

Area Rugs in Style
Area Rugs in Style

Subtle yet contrast can be the right combination for your room. The graphic patterns go well with the modernized room décor also plays quite well with all style and space. Like in your living room, a black and white diamond pattern area rug would go the best.

Animal Print

Animal prints can never go out of style. The changing look of a contemporary space altogether. The glam yet rustic vibe these animal prints offer is a steal. Common animal prints are zebra, leopard, cheetah, cowhide, etc. Their patterns are mostly neutral and fit perfectly with any existing décor. It can be easily paired up with other prints or patterns of your room. 

Vintage Rugs

The newer the trends get, the more, the older rugs are valued. People nowadays highly prefer vintage rugs to complement their modern homes. Vintage rugs give an eclectic look and are beautiful, durable, fashionable, handmade, and over them all, affordable.

Area Rugs in Style
Area Rugs in Style

Vintage rugs celebrate the faded, worn, softened over time textiles so that the rugs may seem like they have always been there in that house. One can try and pair it up with classy modern furniture, giving out a chic look. 

Newest Rug Trends

  • Natural fibers: Rugs made of natural fibers like wool and silk never go out of style, not even today.
  • Layering: A very classy rug trend that has come into existence recently is the rugs’ layering, keeping in mind the color tones or contrasts.
  • Patterned Area Rugs: People find the rugs as a piece of art on the ground, and hence the demand for patterned, colorful, and artistic rugs are in trend now. 

Different Style for Different Rooms

  • Living room: The most suggested option of rug for a living room is a patterned area rug. To add up to it, one can even go with some layering keeping in mind the color palette and the décor of the room.
  • Bedroom: In the case of a bedroom, the first thing to keep in mind is that when you get down the bed, there should be a soft landing for your bare feet. An area rug with animal print and the right plushness may be the answer.
  • Dining room: Rugs of nearly all patterns or textures go with the dining room concept. However, it would be suggested to go for rugs made of natural fibers for your dining space.
  • Leisure Spaces: For a leisure space, like a playroom, den, pool house, etc., the rug should complement outdoor and indoor ambiance. Sisal rugs are best suited for such cases. It would be better to look for rugs with nature-inspired motifs to keep the feel of the room intact. 

Styles for Different Furniture

  • Traditional rugs: Traditional rugs are mostly found in neutral colors and go very well with warm wooden or bronze décor. Furniture with gentle curves and soft edges also complements the traditional rug. You might as well consider mixing up these traditional rugs with a leather finish couch or a recliner, or some lighter accessories.
  • Contemporary Rug: Have a thing for eclectic furniture? Go for a modern rug surely to add up to the room’s ambiance. Contemporary rugs go just fine with the eclectic furniture and accessories. Mixing patterns of these contemporary rugs should not be a thing you need to think twice about. It is fine to mix and match patterns according to your furniture.
Modern Rug in Style
  • Transitional Rug: The warm wooden tones and soft colors mix up well with the transitional rugs. The very light contrast of the patterns and the soft color palette makes the transitional rugs look very sophisticated and comfortable.

With minimalistic themed rooms, the transitional rugs are a must. Along with some clean white furniture, these rugs can smoothen the dark tones of wooden flooring. You can also add it up as layering over a plain white carpet to add some depth. A bedroom, library, or nursery is an excellent place to position a transitional rug. 

Where to Buy?

Here are some of the websites where you can look for area rugs in style for your home.


Having an area rug in style in your room can enhance the look of your room a lot. It adds up to the sophistication and complements the furniture as well as the décor of the room. When investing in a rug, make sure the money does not go in vain. It can be a pretty confusing task to decide which rug would go with which room of the house; nevertheless, do not leave any gaps in your research.

Other factors to keep in mind are the price affordability, the rug’s durability, etc. We realize that it is a lot to research and hence tried to sum it up for your convenience. Starting from what area rugs are and how and where it should be placed, giving links to the sites from where you can easily buy rugs online, sitting at home, we tried to cover it all. I hope this was of some help to your search for your perfect rug.