Bamboo Silk Area Rugs: A Why for Those Adorable and Classic Carpets

With a market full of different styles, fabric, and types of rugs, why would people prefer a bamboo silk area rug?

The answer could be the texture, beauty, ease of maintenance of bamboo silk rugs, and that too at a minimal cost and environment-friendly manner.

Bamboo Silk Area Rugs
Bamboo Silk and Traditional Silk Area Rugs

If you want to explore more about bamboo silk rugs, then we have come up with the ultimate guide to these adorable and classic carpets below.

 What Is A Bamboo Silk Rug?

Other than bamboo, what else a bamboo silk rug can be made up of. Bamboo silk falls under the category of natural viscose. With the help of the cellulose of Bamboo, bamboo silk area rugs are prepared.

Cellulose from the bamboo has been extracted and added to a sticky paste. Then the solution is left to dry. When it dries completely, it achieves a soft silk-like smooth texture.

This process ultimately results in a soft to touch, cloud-like texture to the rug. Apart from this, the most crucial feature of a Bamboo silk rug is its high durability, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties. So unlike hard carpets, Bamboo silk gives you a lighter and soft to touch experience.

Are Bamboo Silk Rugs Good Quality?

No doubt, Bamboo silk area rugs are known for their excellent quality and durability. Not just Bamboo silk is simpler to extract than natural silk. They are much more reliable than traditional silk rugs.

Even if you want to use the rug under furniture or place it near the fireplace, a Bamboo rug is the safest and most durable option. They are known to tolerate high foot-traffic without any extra care and attention.

Quality Bamboo Silk Area Rugs
Quality Bamboo Silk Area Rugs

Apart from this, Bamboo silk area rugs are soft to touch, easy to manage, and is a natural fiber. Thus, none of the health issues are associated with using a bamboo silk rug. 

All the above factors are enough to prove the quality of a bamboo silk rug.

Is Bamboo Silk the Same as Viscose?

Bamboo silk, not just including silk in its name, has a texture like silk. When compared with silk, bamboo is way reliable. Thus, as a fabric, bamboo silk is much more sustainable than traditional silk.

Bamboo silk is also known as viscose silk, as both bamboo silk and viscose are made up of the tree’s phloem. The only difference between the fabric is that viscose is made up of the tree’s wood, while bamboo silk is made up of cellulose extracted from bamboo. 

In both viscose and bamboo silk, cellulose is treated with chemicals to break the hardened cellulose layer to achieve the fibers, spun into a yam, and later used to get the yarn of fiber. 

Thus, in many ways, bamboo silk and viscose share many things common between them and are the same as viscose.

Are Bamboo Sheets Like Silk or Better?

Both bamboo and silk share the same softness and give a sense of luxury texture. Whether it is durability, reliability, or sustainability, bamboo sheets are more reliable than silk.

Apart from this, available at a low price, bamboo sheets serve better when compared with silk. Also, bamboo sheets are better to clean and take care of. Bamboo sheets are kind of stain-free, as it takes longer for the stain to absorb on a bamboo sheet. You can even wash a bamboo sheet if it gets dirty.

Bamboo Silk Area Rug
Bamboo Silk Area Rug

Also, it takes a longer time to prepare silk sheets. But bamboo grows at a breakneck pace, and it is handier to prepare bamboo sheets.

With all the above factors, I won’t be wrong if I say that bamboo sheets are way better than silk sheets.

Can You Vacuum A Bamboo Silk Area Rug?

All the rugs are a significant carrier of dust in it, and so are silk rugs. Thus, it is pretty crucial to clean them up regularly.

Although every rug is prone to shedding and so is a silk rug. Thus, while vacuuming a silk rug, you can lose the silk’s potential fiber, still using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning a silk rug is not going to affect the rug much.

You can vacuum a silk rug with the help of its suction head, moving it slowly over the rug. You can clean a silk rug using a vacuum cleaner regularly, as silk is more prone to dust and started looking dirty soon.

Is Bamboo Better Than Cotton?

Both bamboo and cotton are natural fibers and have their pros and cons. But you will find that people use cotton fabric more than bamboo, as few know the benefit of bamboo over cotton. 

Bamboo Silk Area Rug
Bamboo Silk Area Rug

Advantages of Bamboo Over Cotton:

  • Bamboo requires almost one-third of water while growing like that of cotton. Thus, Bamboo consumes a lesser amount of water than cotton does.
  • Bamboo grows on its own while you need to plant the cotton seeds to grow cotton.
  • Bamboo grows faster and can achieve a height as long as 35 inches in a day, while it takes time to grow cotton.
  • Even though bamboo is known for its durability and provides strength during building construction, the cellulose extract with which the bamboo silk is made is way softer than cotton.
  • Bamboo provides a level of comfort that sometimes, cotton fails to give.
  • Bamboo is known as more environmentally friendly because of its faster-growing pace as compared to cotton.

Although bamboo requires a little extra care compared to cotton, bamboo is better than cotton with all the above advantages.

Bamboo Silk Area Rug
Bamboo Silk Area Rug

Are Bamboo Silk Area Rugs Durable?

Yes, bamboo silk area rugs are durable and sturdy. We can prove its durability because, when we compare silk and steel of the same diameter, silk comes out way durable than steel.

Thus, no one can doubt the durability of a silk rug. But the durability of silk depends on the knot count of the silk. It will become hard for the weavers to weave a delicate silk rug with more than 1500 knots per inch for thicker silk. Thus, most of the silk area rugs are thinner in size but way detailed and pliable.

How Do You Clean A Bamboo Silk Rug?

Although bamboo silk rug is lesser prone to stain, it is prone to dirt. Thus, proper care and maintenance of a bamboo silk rug are equally important.

Initially, it is advisable to keep a bamboo silk rug away from entrances or toilets, where they are more prone to get dirty. Make sure to keep them at such a place where they don’t come in contact with sunlight, as direct sunlight may fade the bamboo silk’s color.

Also, make sure to clean them using a vacuum cleaner regularly. If something spills on the rug, don’t rub the stain. Let the paper or a cloth soak the excess liquid and then clear the stain, using vinegar and water.

Thus, if you want to add a unique element to your interior, bamboo silk is the most incredible option. Bamboo silk is cheaper, but an environment-friendly way to achieve a high-class look similar to that of silk rugs but with better features. Thus, you can enjoy the same texture and beauty without spending hours or giving extra attention cleaning of the carpets.