Best Non-Toxic Rug Pad

Many people today prefer to use rug pads, while many are still not aware of it. These pads are useful for protecting the rugs as well as the floor. But it is essential to get the best non-toxic rug pad so that you can have the best impacts out of it.

Non-Toxic Rug Pad
Non-Toxic Rug Pad

Are rug pads toxic?

The rug pads are mainly made up of synthetic rubber, which may have ingredients that may cause harm humans’ endocrine system. The adhesive for pasting the pad to the rugs can cause other health concerns when such a rug is kept indoor in the absence of windows, ventilators, or any other openings.

What can you use instead of a rug pad?

Rug pads can be toxic, and if you are buying a non-toxic one, it can be quite expensive. So, you can try using some other alternatives to a rug pad then.

So, what are the different options that you can have instead of a rug pad? Here are some of them.

  • Felt Pads: Felt pads are one of the best alternatives you can have to rug pads if you wish to spend a lesser amount of money. These are mainly made of polyester and are used to protect furniture and your flooring from scratches.
Non-Toxic Rug Felt Pad
  • Carpet or Floor Tape: Another option that you can use is carpet tape or floor tape. These are main the double tape options that you can stick on the rug and the floor so that the rug does not slip out on the floor.

What is the best kind of rug pad?

Though rug pads are made up of different synthetic ingredients, the best rug pads are natural ingredients such as natural rubber. The natural rubber-made area rug pads have a firm grip yet do not stick to the floor. These pads are outstanding in performance and are also relatively safe in terms of usage.

Non-Toxic Rug Pad
Non-Toxic Rug Pad

What is a safe rug pad?

Today, there are numerous choices for rug pads obtainable that are made up of diverse materials. But not all of them are good and safe. So, what is a safe rug pad? A safe rug pad should have these prominent features:

  • The safe rug pads will stay firm to support not just the rug but also the floor
  • These should not damage your rug and the floor even when the rug is there floor for quite a long time
  • Safe rug pads should be made up of natural materials for not to cause trouble, such as health concerns for the individuals who are staying in the house

Are rug pads essential?

Non-Toxic Rug Pad
Non-Toxic Rug Pad

There are three significant reasons due to which rugs pads are necessary.

●      Protection from Slipping:

One of the primary reasons for using rug pads is to keep the rug in a proper place. Often rugs made up of wool or cotton slip on the floor, and this may cause accidents. Using a rug pad under the rugs keeps the rugs from slipping, hence avoiding such accidents.

●      Protecting the Rugs:

When there is padding underneath the rug, it takes all the impact of the rug’s traffic. Thus, the rug stays harmless from wear and tear for a long time. 

●      Protecting the Floor:

There can be scratches on the floor from the rugs’ knots when there is a woolen or cotton rug. When a pad is placed underneath the rug, these spaces are also closed. Thus, the floor is also protected from any damages and scratches. 

Non-Toxic Rug Pad
Non-Toxic Rug Pad

What can you put under a rug to make it softer?

Putting the right rug pad can definitely make your rug much softer. Synthetic materials can be stiff. Hence, using either natural latex materials or cushiony pads made up of cotton can make the rugs smoother.

Should a rug pad be the same size as a rug?

No, the dimensions of the rug pad should be the size of the rug. The rug pad should actually be 2 inches smaller from all the sides of the rug. This means if the rug has a dimension of 8’x10′, the rug pad’s size should be 7’10” x9’10”.  One of the fundamental reasons for the rug pad a bit smaller than the rug is that it should not show off at the edges. The padding under the rug may reduce the look of the rug. Hence, the rug pad should be hidden under the rug to serve the purpose without being shown off.

What thickness rug pad should I get?

The thickness of the rug pad depends upon two things. One is the type of rug that you have, and the second is the purpose for which you wish to have the rug pad. If it is a thick and heavy oriental rug, you will definitely need to have a thick rug pad under it. But the thick pad will be a bit expensive too. Hence, you may not wish to get it for a thinner and lesser expensive rug.

Non-Toxic Rug Pad
Non-Toxic Rug Pad

Now, the thinner rug pads just serve the purpose of keeping the rug in one place. It will not let the rug slip, but there is no guarantee that it will protect the rug or the floor. If you actually wish to have a rug pad to protect the rug and the floor, you will need to have a thick and cushiony rug pad.

Does a rug pad make a rug softer?

Rug pads can be of different materials, but any rug pad’s main task is to prevent the rug from slipping on the floor. But if some natural material-made rug pads such as cotton or natural rubber are used, they surely help make the rug much softer.

Rug pads are definitely a beneficial element if you wish to keep your floor and your rugs safe. Choosing the right rug pad can help you in doing so. Getting the best non-toxic rug pad can help you prevent health concerns that may arise in rug pads made up of toxic synthetic materials.