Cotton Rugs for Kitchen: Are They Really That Good?

Talking about rugs makes us think about the plush fabrics and vivid colors. But rugs are not only meant for the gigantic hallways, sun porches, and cozy living rooms. They formulate one of the most elegant yet practical home décor elements. And, we’re in a complete mood to stress on the practical part. So, we’ve tried to get away from the zones of comfort and enter the deliciously fragrant yet scorching kitchens. And, that’s where we tend to take this discussion about rugs as well! Yes, we are going to talk about cotton rugs for kitchen.

You see, kitchen rugs are as real as global warming. People know they’re essential, and yet most won’t even bother talking about them. Now, we respect your decision if you don’t want us to know what’s cooking. But, if you’re among those people who tend not to discuss kitchen rugs because you don’t really get them, then you’re in the right place.

Cotton Rugs for Kitchen

We’ve dedicated this entire article to talking about people’s problems while selecting a rug for the kitchen. We’ve shared the solutions to those problems. And we’ve even mentioned a few of our favorite cotton rugs for kitchen. In short, we’ve gathered all the ingredients of an informative article. And, all we expect of you is to cook up some amazing experiences while reading it! However, there are a couple of things we want you to know before you scoop in all of that:

Should You Put Rugs in the Kitchen? Why?

Well, the answer to this quintessential question is obviously yes. However, we’d want you to understand why we tend to think so:

#1 Rugs Represent Comfort

Rugs are incredible when it comes to practical décor for households. They can be put into a variety of use adds on to their advantages even more. And, the kitchen is anything but an exception. You see, people tend to use vinyl and floor laminates in their kitchen to make it as much water-resistant as possible. But that leads to slippery and hardened floors. Putting rugs in the kitchen not only ensures your safety but grants you comfort. So, yes, you can and must use cotton rugs for kitchen.

#2 Rugs Bring Vibrance

It is not a hidden fact that rugs are beautiful. In fact, they can be found in a variety of colors. So, you can always choose to incorporate rugs with intricate designs and colors to enhance the kitchen’s beauty. So, yes, you can and must use cotton rugs for kitchen.

kitchen cotton rugs
kitchen cotton rugs

#3 Rugs Absorb Excess Moisture

Kitchens are the only place (after bathrooms) in any house that remains wet a lot. Plus, they are always more humid than the rest of the household. This may speed up the decaying process of the paint or wallpapers used around the kitchen area. This can be avoided by installing relevant kitchen chimneys. Another simple way to get rid of most of the kitchen moisture is by introducing cotton rugs for kitchen. Rugs come in various shapes and sizes. They even have different structure and texture. So, you can opt to incorporate a rug with a larger surface area in your kitchen. As a result, it will absorb a lot of unwanted moisture.

What Rug is best for Kitchen?

Generally speaking, flat-woven rugs are considered an excellent choice for kitchen rugs. One of the primary reasons for that is the ease of maintenance. As far as the material of the rugs is concerned, people often tend to go for polypropylene. It is undoubtedly a good choice considering its water resistance and anti-slip nature. However, polypropylene rugs can become a pain in the neck if you frequently cook in the kitchen. They do not absorb water, which means you might end up slipping on your spills on these rugs. Plus, they are not machine friendly. So, that can be a problem as well.

People even consider wool, sisal, or jute rugs. They are machine friendly and can be spot cleaned. However, they may be permanently damaged if any stains are left unchecked.

The best choice for a kitchen rug, as per our opinion, would be cotton. Cotton rugs for kitchen absorb the moisture. They can be cleaned easily. And, they are safe for all kind of machine wash too.

Where to Put Rugs in the Kitchen?

This is a relatively easy question! It’s best to place a cotton rub right at the bottom of the counter you use most. People also tend to put the rugs on the floor, citing the oven counter. This way, you can avoid accidentally spilling on the kitchen floor directly. Plus, keeping a rug clean in the kitchen is easy as well. All you need to do is use some laundry detergent for spot cleaning. Washing a cotton kitchen rug is easy too. You can do so by simply putting them in a machine.

What are the Best Cotton Rugs for Kitchen Options Available?

We have located the three best options available in the market for you to try upon: –

#1 Camal 2-Pieces Non-Slip Kitchen Rug

These cotton rugs for kitchen are manufactured by CAMAL and come in two different size options. The 16” * 24” + 16” * 48” variant is perfect for smaller kitchens. This variant can even be used in larger kitchens that have a minimalistic theme. The second variant is measured across 20” * 31” + 24” * 63”. This one blends in perfectly with all kinds of large kitchen spaces.

Camal Kitchen Rug

These rugs are available in eight color variants. Plus, the least weight of these rugs is worth 1.46 pounds. So, you can move them easily. The best part about them is the comfort they offer to your feet. Plus, they can absorb water and be dried rather easily and quickly.

#2 Ukeler Buffalo Plaid Rugs

These cotton rugs for kitchen are definitely on our top list. They are made up of cotton. And, you can select your favorite from one of the seven design variants. The plaid design of the rugs is a great complement to all kinds of contemporary kitchen settings.

Even the cleaning and maintenance of these rugs is easy. You don’t even need to clean off the Ukeler Buffalo Rug with a vacuum cleaner for that. All you need is some laundry soap and a washing machine to begin with, the process. You can even spot clean these rugs at your convenience. They’re currently available in two sizes: 23.6” * 35.4” and 23.6” * 51.2”.

#3 Ukeler Bohemian Rugs

These are definitely the most stylish rugs you can find in the market. They are hand braided with cotton knots and created into beautiful patterns. These rugs are currently available in nineteen different patterns. Plus, you can even select your rug in two sizes: 23.6” * 35.4” and 23.6” * 51.2”.

Ukeler Bohemian Rugs

These are made from a unique blend of cotton and polyester. So, there’s absolutely no need to clean them regularly. Moreover, they’re safe for machine use as well. On top of that, the contemporary designs let you use them in spaces apart from the kitchen as well.


Cotton is known for its breathability and water-absorbing capabilities. Hence, it makes one of the best materials to be used for kitchen rugs. That being said, cotton rugs needs more cleaning as compared to the synthetic materials. So, we leave the decision of selecting the right cotton rug for your kitchen up to you. We do hope that this article would help you in making the right decision nevertheless.