How to Choose the Right Rug for Yourself: The Complete Guide

Rugs have stayed in fashion across centuries, and they’re still making their mark. They can grant character to even the dullest of rooms. And, with the proper understanding of style, color, pattern, and matching, you can create wonders for your house. Rugs naturally bring out the essence of any place.

However, with multiple options available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Moreover, not much information can be gathered around this topic from any specific source. And this often leads to people getting confused between a rug and a carpet. That’s why I decided to help you out with choosing area rugs for different rooms.

We’ve dedicated this entire article to help you understand the rug selection aspects such as:

  • How to go about choosing the right pattern?
  • How to go about choosing colors?
  • How to go about selecting sizes for different rooms?
  • How to determine the types of area rugs for different kinds of floors?
  • How to go about matching various rugs to create unique looks?
Rug material types
Rug material types

We’ll explain it all and even more throughout the article. And, all you need to do is go through it all!

Let’s Begin by Learning to Choose the Right Rug Material

Rugs these days are not limited to the traditional European or Persian variants. They’re not even limited to cotton, silk, or wool variants. And that’s what makes it confusing to get the right rug in the first place. That being said, the first step in selecting a rug that goes with your room begins with understanding your choice of materials.

You can get rugs made of natural fibers like jute or sisal. These are hypoallergenic and do not release any nauseating substances in the air. Plus, they come with a promise of sturdiness and durability. This makes them suitable for houses with pets. That being said, they are not ideal if you like to sit or lay down on your rugs. They seem typically rough to human skin.

Natural fiber jute rugs
Natural fiber jute rugs

You can also fetch rugs made out of natural fiber such as wool, cotton, or silk. These are hypoallergenic too. However, they mostly come for a fortune and are extremely difficult to maintain. The sturdiness of these rugs is a matter of the material quality nonetheless.

And finally, you can always choose to go with the synthetic rugs made of nylon, polyester, olefin, etc. These are not hypoallergenic. That’s because they need to go through a lot of chemical treatments before and after production. However, they are the best when it comes to durability and maintenance. Plus, they do not leave a dent in your pockets when you buy them.

Rugs unique looks
Rugs unique looks

The Size of your Area Rug Matters Too

You must begin by measuring the dimensions of the space you want to put the rug on. This is a must if you insist on covering the entire floor. However, the story’s different if you plan on putting the rug as an abstract cover for the floor. In that case, you can either place it in the center of the room or align it with the surrounding furniture.

What about the Pairing of Rugs in Adjoining Rooms?

You can choose to pair rugs in adjoining rooms. However, this only works out well if you have open-plan spaces. You might select otherwise if your rooms are separated by curtains or doors or have a hallway connecting them. In that scenario, you can choose two rugs of different materials, colors, and even patterns.

That being said, in case you go with pairing your rugs, try not to have the same pieces in different rooms. Instead, go with the same color but different patterns. You may even choose to have rugs with complementing colors, such as tan-beige, black-white, etc.

Can You Have More Than One Rug in One Room?

Of course, you can! Although, you must make sure that they both have at least one standard color. If you’re a fan of patterns, it will be advisable to complement designs over similar colors.

Rugs colours
Rugs colours

Is It a Good Idea to Place Rugs in the Kitchen and/or Bathroom?

This is one of the trickiest questions surrounding rugs. And the answer lies in understanding the material of the rug you’re willing to use. Let’s simplify this for you. So, begin by acknowledging that both the kitchen and bathroom are places that get a lot of moisture retention. Plus, one can often expect accidental spills in both these areas. So, it’ll not be a wise move to introduce natural fiber rugs to either of these places typically. We’d suggest you go with a synthetic rug on the contrary!

Microfiber Polyester Bathroom Rugs

So, you’ve Read a Lot about How to Choose the Right Rug. And, now it’s Time We Share Our Favorite…

We love the Style Selections Holiday Patchwork Rug! It is a brilliant piece of art for starters. And, it comes at an extremely reasonable price. Anyway, this rug is made out of 100% pure cotton. So, you can expect a lot of smoothness on this piece. Plus, you can use this rug for sitting down or lying flat and watch TV. This is a hypoallergenic rug. So, you’d not have to worry about your toddlers getting sick while roaming on these.

This rug is suitable for machine wash. So, you need not worry about getting those stains off. And, the best part about them is the patchwork. It makes these rugs look gorgeous yet straightforward.


We’ve shared all information relevant to buying the right rugs. So, now you know how to select the correct color, materials, patterns, and size for your area rug. On top of that, we even recommended one of the best rugs available in the market right now. So, just go and check it out for yourself. And, do not forget to write to us about any other queries you have regarding rugs!