Know Everything About Berber Rugs Color Patterns

Originated from North Africa, getting its name from the countrymen, known as Berbers. Holding its ground from this area, all the way back from the Paleolithic era, the Berber rug is one of the most adaptable carpets. It can go pretty well with different kinds of decor, both traditional and modern. What makes them stand out from other similar rugs is that they have a looped construction.

They are mostly composed of thick strands of yarn if compared with other kinds of carpeting materials. It is highly durable as it comprises a loop pile and is usually found in schools and offices. Moreover, they don’t show any imprints due to their unique knot combination.

Berber Rugs Color Patterns
Berber Rugs Color Patterns

Several factors are affecting the qualities of a Berber rug, like texture, durability.

Now, as a consumer, you get a plethora of alternatives when it drops down to the dimension and arrangements of those loops. These rugs comprise slight flecks of shady hues alongside darker background colors, resulting in a natural and customary look.

What Is the Best Quality Berber Rug?

Lately, there have been new and modern Berber rug color patterns that are moderately cheap and durable. Apart from their resiliency and comparatively low cost, you will always have a plethora of options for purchasing the right material as a buyer.

Typically, the price of a Berber rug is dependent on knots per square. Undoubtedly, “Tunisian Berber” is known for its best and knottiest varieties available in the market. These are magnificently detailed rugs made from camel hair, pure silk, and more.

Berber Vs. Plush Rug

The lenient feel of plush carpeting makes your home feel like a swanky retreat. However, a Berber rug is usually the best option for high traffic homes. Berber is dense and is made with tightly intertwined loops. Besides, plush inclines to absorb dirt much more quickly, hence permitting the dirt to go deep down to the core.

Depending on the looks and comfortability, plush carpets are usually ideal if you desire to have a well-appointed look. Plush carpets got to be the best suited for areas that are not exposed to foot trafficking. Plush carpets showcase a unique display of ambiance, whereas Berber rugs do have modest elegance, but chances are, they may not have the same if compared to the visual appeal that plush carpets have.

Berber Rugs Color Patterns
Berber Rugs Blue Color Patterns

 If we focus on the maintenance factors, we get to see a fine line between Berber and plush carpets, i.e., Berber carpets require less maintenance and are pretty easy to vacuum. On the other hand, we have plush carpets, which generally require more maintenance and scheduled stain removal procedures. 

Furthermore, plush rugs prove to be the best for pets as it is very comfortable and cozy, though it attracts pet fur and hair quite quickly, when you have the vacuum by your side, cleaning the carpet is a piece of cake. On the other hand, the Berber rug is not that cool with pets because it is very natural for pets to claw at carpets.

As Berber carpet has an intricate structure of loops, scratches may not be fruitful as they could lead to permanent damage.

Does Berber Rug Need Padding?

In the opinion of the ‘Carpet and Rug Institute,’ it is advisable to keep padding. And this is because it sometimes requires a firm, thinner pad to support the rug from wearing out with regular usage on the bare floor. It also helps the impact of tanky furniture and footprints altogether.

Life Expectancy of the Berber Rug

A carpet is an eye-catching form of flooring your home, and to withstand stains and keep up with the looks, your carpet has got to be a tough one.

It is said to have a life expectancy of 5 years approximately.

What’s the Best Color for Berber Rug?

Choosing the carpet color can be overwhelming at times because of the variations in shades, lighting, and the room’s color combination. The Berber rug color patterns can alter the entire ambiance of a room. As a result, it is essential to select the color of your carpet.

Berber Rugs Color Patterns
Berber Rugs Color Patterns Versions

As mentioned above, Berber rugs are available in different blends of neutral shades. The most common color shades in modern Berber rugs are neutral shades in different colors. One of the best options to go with shall be picking up a multi-colored Berber carpet with streaks of colors throughout.

Is Berber Rug Good for High Traffic Areas?

Berber rugs prove to be exceptionally good for high traffic areas due to their composition. It has tightly intertwined loops, which prevents dust particles from sinking deep into the core.  

Berber Rugs Color Patterns
Berber Rugs Color Patterns

When it comes to high traffic areas, it is likely to count on Berber rugs because their longevity, stain-resistant, and appealing qualities make them the best suited for high traffic areas. It is an ideal choice for areas exposed to foot trafficking, pets, and children.

Is Berber Rug Considered A Low Pile?

The Berber rugs is one of a floor covering characterized by tightly intertwined fibers woven horizontally, thus creating a dense, low pile—the impenetrable quality of the Berber rug the prestige of strength.

Is A Berber Rug More Expensive?

With a unique weave like Berber, you might expect it to be a bit expensive, but the good news is, it’s not. This magnificently finished rug is right in line with the other carpet prices.

Modern Berber Rugs Color Patterns
Modern Berber Rugs Color Patterns

The prime reason that the Berber rug has become popular with time is its reputation for being less expensive. Also, these Berber rugs have a distinct looping style, which makes the difference in price.


As per the statements mentioned earlier, we get to see some valuable information regarding the discussed product. In my honest opinion, it is always advisable to keep an eye on the products that go with your taste. Berber rugs are pretty much affordable; it doesn’t have high maintenance requirements.

Also, it is an easy-going product with lots and lots of variations in color schemes and textures. The only thing that these rugs ask for is a scheduled stain removing procedure, and you are good to go.