Luxury Rugs Flooring Solutions – Know the Tricks to Get the Best

Among different flooring solutions available today, most people crave to get the luxury rugs flooring solutions for options such as a perfect living room. Who will not love the warmth of woolen rugs underneath the feet during chilly winters? Why just winters? The rug flooring definitely adds up a next-level comfort in your living room throughout the year.

Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs
Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs

Apart from the comfort part, the luxury rug flooring also succeeds in adding up lavishness to your interiors. Whether you are planning to have a Bohemian look or a general comfy look, the luxury rug flooring will turn out to be the best solution always.

How can you tell if a rug is of high quality?

A high-quality rug is often known to pass through the generations. Hence you should know to distinguish high-quality rugs from that cheap ones. Follow some of these factors.

●      The Appearance:

You might find some flaws even in the best-quality rug. But find that the rug is curling up from some side or is not irregular in terms of the dimensions. You can surely understand that this rug is manufactured in a hurry and is of cheap quality.

Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs
Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs

●      Handmade vs. Machinemade:

Handmade rugs are softer, and you can identify them from the knots made on the rug. Machine-made rugs are flawless, as you will find all the knots in proper symmetry. Though there is no offense in buying the machine-made rugs, they will not last more than 20 years. On the other hand, the handmade rugs are that you can pass on to your next generations.

●      The Knots:

If you are out there to check and buy a rug, invest some time counting the knots per inch. Experts say that around 290 knots in a single inch make a good quality rug. Most of the cheaply made rugs may have as low as 30-40 knots per inch.

●      The Fabric:

If you are willing to get a high-quality rug, you offer special attention to the rug’s fabric. Try to go for the woolen fabric in place of the synthetic made rugs.

What are the best quality rugs?

So, when you have understood how to get a high-quality rug, it will be essential to know some of the features of the best-quality rugs.

  • The best-quality rugs will be super soft and will have a natural shine even after years. When it gets dirty, you just have to wash it, and it will be back with its luster once again.
  • As mentioned in the earlier segment, a high-quality rug should have about 290 knots per inch. If you are getting the best quality carpet, it may even have more than 330 knots per inch.
  • Most of the best-quality rugs are natural fabric options such as wool, cotton, jute, and silk.
Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs
Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs

Are expensive rugs worth it?

If you have identified that the rug is high-quality, then indeed, paying a high amount for it is worth it. A good number of customers have confusion about why they should invest in luxury rugs flooring solutions. Here are some of the common answers to it.

  • An expensive high-quality rug will stay on for decades, and you may not have to buy more after this.
  • These luxury rugs offer a comfortable and warm environment and enhance the look of the interiors.
  • You do not have to worry about the appearance of the rug’s aging for a pretty long time. Just washing it can restore its look and luster.
Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs
Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs

What should I look for when buying an expensive rug?

The above section explains why you should surely think of investing your money in an expensive rug. But what are the factors that you should check out while buying an expensive rug?

●      The Fabric

Expensive rugs have to be made up of natural fabric options such as wool, cotton, and silk. The rugs made up of wool are known to be the most expensive rugs available.

●      Feel the Softness

Just feel it to check the authenticity. Natural fabrics will always give you a soft, smooth, and plush feeling. This is the feeling you will get when you touch and feel a high-quality rug made up of natural fiber.

●      The Fire Trick

One of the tricks is to get the fire test. A thread from the rug is exposed to fire. If it burns easily, it is the natural fabric, while the synthetic fiber will burn similar to plastic. Of course, make sure to seek the permission of the dealer and do this carefully. Else you may have to land up paying for the rug even when you do not wish to buy it.

Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs
Flooring Solutions with Luxury Rugs

What is the best grade of the rug?

Apart from the fabric and other factors, two essential factors help check the grade of a rug.

  • Along with more than 330 knots in an inch, the best grade will also have 6 twists per inch.
  • The rug’s best grade will also have a higher density than those that are not of a good grade. When you stretch the rug, you may see through the gaps of the rug’s knots in the case of the ones that are of a not good grade. As there are more than 330 knots per inch in the best-quality rug, the density is much higher.

What is the best rug on the market?

With all the explanations provided above, it can be safely said that the woolen-made rugs with higher density and extreme softness are definitely the best rug on the market. Though cleaning and drying the woolen rugs are a bit of a hectic task, these rugs will be your family member for generations if you can maintain them. If you are looking for a high-quality rug apart from these woolen rugs, the cotton made rugs are also a great option. These may not be as warm as the woolen rugs, but they are easy to wash and are lower in cost than the woolen ones.

What are the most luxurious rugs on the market?

In terms of luxury, nothing can compete with the features of a Persian rug. In this world of machine-made rugs, the most luxurious Persian rugs are still handmade that may take up years to complete. Due to the features of being handmade with the best quality wool and being hand-dyed in natural colors, the Persian rugs are also known to be the most expensive rugs in the world.

Even in this world of high-tech luxuries, luxury rugs flooring solutions have a special place. People still love to install luxury rugs flooring in houses and even in some lavish offices to get a royal and antique look. Of course, the warmth and the comfort is an added advantage that the best-quality rugs offer apart from the aesthetic grandeur that it presents to the interiors.