Machine Washable Cotton Rugs: All You Need to Know

Rugs never entirely left the households. They’ve been increasing the elegance quotient of homes since ancient times of kings and queens. They do form a significant part of the household interior. And, the way they enhance the ambiance of a place can’t merely be explained. That being said, all of this elegance and comfort comes at a great price. Rugs made out of wool, mink, and silk can cost you a fortune. But we’re not only worried about the monetary aspects. Rugs require a great deal of maintenance to ensure their longevity. And, even so, you can expect only so much from them.

So, if the cost of purchase and maintenance has you worried, synthetic rugs are your solution. In fact, people often switch from natural to synthetic rugs due to the ease of maintenance. Yes, synthetic rugs are relatively easy to maintain even compared to machine washable cotton rugs.

Plus, they are more resilient to all sorts of damage. That being said, they do have their own set of drawbacks. They often go through chemical treatment during their fabrication. Thus, they can release unwanted toxic substances if used indoors. Their added resilience also makes it tough to get rid of them. In short, they do not degrade quickly. Thus, they stay piled up in dumpster lands. And this adds to the already delicate situation of the global ecosystem.

Machine Washable Rugs
Machine Washable Rugs

Therefore, natural rugs are costly and require significant maintenance. And, synthetic rugs may not always be the healthiest choice. So, should you stop using rugs as home décor altogether? Not necessarily! There’s a third option called machine washable cotton rugs! Cotton rugs are not as delicate as silk rugs. Plus, they do not seek a lot of aggressive maintenance. In fact, most cotton rugs are safe for machine wash. Here, we’ve enlisted a few machine washable cotton rugs. So, if you’re looking to find out a comfortable rug that does not tire you out for its maintenance, then you’re in the right place.

Advantages of Cotton Rugs

We’ve already glorified cotton rugs in many ways. However, you must know the exact reasons why they’re considered great for machine washing: –

#1 They’re Resilient Against Color Bleeding

There are many procedures involved in the creation of rugs. And, different kind of rugs requires entirely different techniques. That being said, every form of rug goes through dying at some point. Some of them get dyed after they’re spun and woven. However, some others are woven with already dyed threads.

Much like any other fabric rugs too tend to lose their colors due to frequent machine washing. However, cotton rugs tend to last a lot longer in the process as compared to other natural fiber rugs. Unlike wool or silk, these rugs can easily be washed even to get rid of all stains. You must consider washing your rugs with warm and not hot water, nevertheless!

#2 They Can Withstand More Stress

It’s a known fact that washing clothes in a machine relatively exert a lot more pressure on them. And, rugs are no exception in this matter. However, unlike silk, cotton rugs can take on a lot of punishment before breaking down. That’s because cotton fibers hold on to each other more strongly. Plus, the tensile strength of cotton fibers is relatively strong as well.

Another positive aspect of the cotton rug is its resistivity of enzymes. Yes, that’s what constitutes most laundry detergents these days. In simple terms, enzymes are known to dissolve protein rather well. As far as building materials are considered, wool and silk are mostly made up of proteins. Cotton, on the other hand, is devoid of this substance. Hence, the added resistivity against enzyme-based detergents.

Most cotton rugs are made to withstand around 25 – 30 machine washes. That’s equivalent to lasting five to eight years! In short, the durability of cotton rugs when machine washed (also color intensity) tends to outlast that of other natural fiber rugs!

#3 They Do Not Cost a Fortune

Wool or silk rugs are considered rather exquisite. This makes them cost just as much! And, while the sheer presence of these rugs may bedazzle you, they pose the least practicality for daily use. Cotton rugs, on the contrary, can be sufficiently attractive. At the same time, they tend not to blow a hole in your pocket. On top of that, they seldom require any specific care. So, you can strike out the overall maintenance cost as well! In other words, if you’re thinking: “are machine washable cotton rugs worth it?” then the answer would be “definitely yes!”

Our Choice of Top Three Machine Washable Cotton Rugs

We’ve already told you all about the advantages of cotton rugs. Now it’s time to introduce you to some of the best versions available in the market: –

#1 SEEKSEE 100% Cotton Plaid Rugs: Most Amazon Ratings

These had to be our first choice considering the reviews acquired on Amazon. These rugs are hand made to perfection using 100% pure cotton. This gives them all the advantages over any other natural or synthetic fiber rug. Plus, they’re braided into the classic black, white, and grey checks. This adds to their aesthetic attribute.

SEEKSEE Cotton Plaid Rugs

They’re currently available in eight different sizes starting from 23.5” x 35.4” to 67” x 90.5”.

#2 MUBIN Buffalo Plaid Rug: Most Reasonably Priced

These rugs constitute our second choice for machine washable cotton rugs. This simply adds to the durability of these rugs. Moreover, this simple blending of cotton and polyester is also one of the easiest rug materials to wash.

They’re available in similar plaided patterns of black, grey, and white checks as their counterpart. However, these rugs are priced at a rather reasonable price! And, you can get these in either of three sizes: 24” x 36”, 24” x 48”, or 24” x 64”.

#3 Kingrol 2 Pack Vintage Area Rugs: Best looking Rugs

These are the best-looking machine washable cotton rugs available in the market. Moreover, these rugs are made up of cotton and little amount of polyester. Thus, they’re also one of the toughest rugs available on the market. They, too, are made up of 100% cotton. Plus, they come as a set of two rugs. the size of each rug is 2’ x 3’ and 2’ x 4.2’, respectively. This combination makes them the perfect choice to be used across smaller rooms and kitchen!


We briefed you about which rugs are machine washable. This established the uniqueness and durability of the cotton rugs. We even discussed the pros and cons of washing for cotton rugs. So, by now, you know why utilitarian cotton rugs can be. Plus, we gave you the option to choose from three of the best machine washable cotton rug you can fetch from the market. So, it’s all up to you now to decide and choose the one that suits you the most!