Moroccan Pattern Area Rug – a Beautiful Color Palette

Rugs can always make an interior look a bit extra warm and comfortable. Styling the interior with the right rug also offers a new look to the whole interior without much effort. There are different rug options available today. Hence, choosing the right one can be a tricky task. Among the various options available, the Moroccan pattern area rug can be a great choice. Here are some fantastic in-depth details about the Moroccan rugs.

What Is A Moroccan Style Rug?

Moroccan style rugs, as the name depicts, originates from Morocco. These are woolen rugs that are hand-woven. In Morocco, the weaving of mats is a significant living option for many people. Thus, the Moroccan area rugs are just a decorative piece for the whole world; it is a survival strategy for many weavers in Morocco.

Moroccan Pattern Area Rug
Moroccan Pattern Area Rug

The hard work and dedication of these weavers offer the rugs a plush and soft feel. Experts weave these rugs in calming shades and with geometric patterns on them.

Many experts mention that the Moroccan rugs have set a standard for luxurious wool rugs worldwide. The weaving of these rugs started way back in 622 AD.

What Are The Moroccan Colors?

The color palette of Morocco rugs is quite rich. There are color options of blue, green, orange, red, and gold. The Moroccan weavers use natural colors in the rugs. These colors are more soothing shades that perfectly match the warmth that the rug’s woolen fabric offers.

Moroccan Pattern Area Rug
Moroccan Pattern Area Rug

Can You Wash Moroccan Area Rugs?

Woolen rug options such as the Moroccan pattern area rugs tend to catch dust and dirt when exposed for a longer time. So, of course, you have to wash them to clean the surface and make them look fresh once again. It is always endorsed to take assistance from a specialized cleaner for washing the Moroccan rugs.

  • Nonetheless, if you are trying to wash-down it at home, you should take care of these distinguished points.
  • Use a stick to beat the rug well to remove the dust and dirt from it first. Vacuum cleaning is not recommended. But if you use it, you should go for the lowest speed and just a little time as it may destroy the knots and the rug’s fabric.
  • Please do not clean the carpet in the washing machine as it may harm the material.
  • Lay down the rug outside and shampoo it with a non-corrosive washing agent.
  • It would help if you washed the rug using high-speed water from the hosepipe. Make sure that all the cleaning agents are washed away.
  • Dry the rug in sunlight and make sure that every corner is dry before you bring it in.

How Much Space Should Be Around A Moroccon Pattern Area Rug?

If you plan to install a Moroccan area rug in your room, it is essential to know the basic rules well. The carpet is capable of making the entire room look spacious or small. The space around an area rug depends on your room’s size and the furniture available in the room.

Moroccan Pattern Area Rug
Moroccan Pattern Area Rug
  • If you have a big room, it does not matter much. But following the ground rule of keeping a space of 18″ around the area rug can look to the interiors.
  • Similarly, if the room is small, you should make sure that the rug used here is short. Here also, you should have a space of 18″ around the rug.
  • A smaller rug will make the room smaller, but the furniture in the room will look unorganized. So, choose the size carefully.

How Long Does It Take For An Morocoon Pattern Area Rug To Flatten?

Yes, when you are installing a new area rug, it will take some time to flatten. It should take a week or so to flatten up so that you can start installing the furniture over it. Often keeping the rug in rolled form for a long time may make the rug roll from the sides after installing it. To avoid this, you should move the rug on the reverse side and keep it in that way for an hour or two before you start installing it on the floor.

Why Is My Rug Buckling?

After you have installed the rug, you may find the rug buckling from some places. One of the primary reasons can be the presence of moisture in the fabric of the rug. If the rug is not dried up correctly, the moisture stays in the material that starts showing up later on in the form of buckling; one of the easiest ways is to take the rug outside and let it dry well in the sun for a day a two before you reinstall it once again.

What Causes Morocoon Pattern Area Rugs To Ripple?

Apart from the buckling issue, the area rugs can also ripple. There can be different reasons for it, but there are two principal reasons for rugs’ rippling.

  • If the area rug is not installed correctly and its side is left out loosely, this can cause ripples in the center after a few days.
  • Similarly, if you drag or slide heavy furniture on the rug, this can also cause ripples. It would be best if you did not pull any furniture such as a chair on the rug as it can also damage the fabric of the rug.

How Much Should I Pay For A Moroccan Area Rug?

The cost of Moroccon Area rugs depends on several factors, such as size of the rug, the quality of the fabric, and the rug’s age. Usually, if you are buying a small-sized area rug, it should cost you something around $200 or so. But the rugs’ cost can go up much higher to $1000 or even more depending upon the size and other factors.

Moroccan Pattern Area Rug
Moroccan Pattern Area Rug

Why Are Moroccan Area Rugs So Expensive?

The Moroccan rugs are hand-woven by the Moroccan weavers that add up to the authenticity of the rugs. Also, the dyes used for the rugs are all extracted from natural substances. These are not synthetic colors. The process of getting the right color is quite complicated. Hence, everything about the Moroccan rug is handmade, and therefore it is one of the most expensive rugs in the world.

Where Can I Buy A Moroccan Rug?

Quite obvious, you cannot travel to Morocco to buy a Moroccan rug. Of course, if you have a holiday planned in Morocco, you should get a rug from the place. Otherwise, you can now get these rugs online also. Just choose a proper place from where you can buy an authentic Moroccan rug.

Moroccan Pattern Area Rug
Moroccan Pattern Area Rug

How Do You Tell If A Rug Is Wool Or Synthetic?

When you invest a considerable amount in buying a Moroccan area rug, you need to be sure to purchase the right one. The original woolen Moroccan area rug will feel incredibly soft. But there are also other ways to tell if a carpet is a wool or synthetic.

  • Burning a thread can tell you a lot about the fiber. The synthetic thread will melt and will smell like plastic. At the same time, a woolen fabric will crumble and will not give out a plastic-like smell. Be sure that you are taking a slight portion for performing this test. Damaging the rug will land you up buying it even when it is not authentic.
  • If the fire test is not possible, you can try out the water test. When you put a drop of water on a woolen rug, it will instantly absorb the drop. But the drop will sit on the carpet for some time if it is a synthetic rug.

Moroccan area rugs are known for their soft feel and colorful look. If you are buying the right quality, it will last you for years. Maintain it well, and you can pass it to your next generations too.