Natural Fiber Bathroom Rugs: What Is A Natural Fiber Carpet?

Natural fiber carpets are netted from fibers that are gathered from plants. Designers have favored rugs created with natural fibers for a long time because they are durable and have a soothing texture that emits a relaxed vibe to your surroundings. Natural fiber carpets are more eco-friendly than carpets of any other fabric because they are created from sustainable substances.

Round Natural Fiber Carpet
Round Natural Fiber Carpet

They don’t release any harmful compounds or volatile organic components. Natural fiber rugs can release volatile organic components only if they are bound with synthetic fibers. The most common type of natural fiber carpet is designed from wool, jute, sisal, seagrass, cotton, hemp, etc.

What Is the Best Natural Fiber Rug?

The best natural fiber rug is the one that fits your needs. Natural fiber rugs are more durable than synthetic rugs and are made of the best quality material. Natural fibers don’t release any dangerous gases into the environment even after a long time. These fibers can be woven, knotted, or tufted by hands.

The main purpose of a bathroom is to absorb the water and dry itself quickly. The exterior should be soft, don’t require extra effort for maintenance, and be easily washable.

Many people prefer cotton rugs for their bathrooms because the material gives a soft sensation, and the quality doesn’t worsen quickly after use. On top of everything, natural fiber rugs are easily washable in the machine, so you don’t have to trouble yourself or worry about manually cleaning the rug.

Are Bathroom Rugs Necessary?

Bathroom rugs are indeed necessary. They serve a variety of benefits. From a designer’s point of view, a bathroom rug can perform a remarkable transformation in the look of your bathroom. If the rug is color-coordinated with the bath towels or the bathroom walls, it could complement the overall situation.

Bathroom racks are available in many textures, sizes, and colors, and you can always replace or change the rug if you want to give your bathroom a new look.

Practically, a bathroom rug is like a tube mat, which helps absorb water from the bathroom floor or your torso when you come out after taking a bath or shower. It tries to soak the excess water off the floor to ensure the bathroom floor is not wet and prevents falling or slipping incidents from occurring.

A 100% natural fiber rag, mostly cotton, can soak lots of water, drying quickly. A bathroom rug can be placed anywhere. Its position is not limited to in front of the tub but can be placed around the sink, which will provide extra warmth and comfort, particularly during the winter season.

Can You Vacuum Natural Fiber Rugs?

Natural fiber bathroom rugs are known to shed a little, which results in forming a fine layer of dust under the rugs. That’s why cleaning the rugs regularly is essential if you don’t want the dust to pile up.

You can vacuum both sides of the rug at least once a week to get rid of the natural fiber dust before it becomes an inconvenience for you. While cleaning the natural fiber, you should be careful not to use the highest suction setting; stick to the gentler option.

Natural Fiber Rug
Natural Fiber Rug

If the rug has loose threads, then you should remove the beater bar to escape from causing any damages. A light vacuum twice or thrice a week can help you remove dust, debris, and dirt before it settles down.

While vacuuming, you should clean from various directions to extract the most dirt and be careful around the stitched areas if you have a binding rug. After vacuuming your rug, you can also keep it outside in the sunlight to eliminate the bacteria, which can be removed or killed through the vacuum cleaner.

How Often Should You Wash Natural Fiber Bathroom Rugs?

Washing your bathroom mat is very necessary to get rid of the germs. Sense bathroom maths stay indoors and don’t get direct sunlight. It could have molds because of not drying up quickly or continuously being soaked in water if you don’t take care of it. Just as you wash your bed sheets and clothes to keep them clean and fresh, you should do the same with bath mats.

There are many factors you need to consider before deciding how often do you need to wash your rug, such as the following points:

  • bathroom rug is equipped with a non-skid rubber base
  • how often is the bathroom used?
  • Is the bathroom floor always wet?

If your mat is designed with a non-skid rubber base, then washing it frequently is not an ideal choice. To get rid of the germs, it is important to use hot or lukewarm water to clean the rug, but washing it frequently with hot water can quickly damage the rubber base. To maintain the durability and protect the rubber backing from deteriorating, you should wash it once every three to four weeks.

If the bathroom is being regularly and several times for taking showers, you might have to wash the rug weekly. The rugs get damp up numerous times without giving it enough time to dry. If the rug is unable to dry, it could quickly grow mold and mildew in it.

The last scenario would be when water is always splashed on the floor; when you have kids or pets, you might need to wash the rugs weekly. All the natural fiber bathroom rugs are required to soak in warm water to get a thorough cleanse, but if you have a rubber base on your rug, then it’s better to hang it dry in the sunlight. It got rid of the germs, and if the rug doesn’t have a rubber base, you can use a dryer machine.

The Durability of These Rugs?

Natural fiber rugs are created from durable fabric, which increases their lifespan. Some natural fiber rugs like seagrass are also stain-resistant, hemp, which is mildew resistant and sustainable. These drugs are great for traffic areas like the dining room, living room bedroom, bathroom, home office, etc. Seagrass rugs would be an ideal choice for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Natural Fiber Carpet
Natural Fiber Carpet

Despite being incredibly strong, they are relatively affordable. The fabric is generally made from eco-friendly and renewable substances, which give attributes like anti-static and fire-resistant. If you don’t want to shorten their lifespan, then you should always keep your rug dry. If you cannot dry your rugs at home, you should take it to a professional rug cleaner to get a proper drying procedure before the rug damages.

What Should I Look for When Buying A Rug?

When purchasing a rug, you need to keep up the location, usage, size, and texture in mind. You should also know whether the areas for which you are buying the rugs are of high traffic or low traffic. Locations like dining or living rooms, always entryways, and the kitchen usually have high traffic.

So, a rug that is stain resistant and durable is ideal for these areas. You can purchase rugs with a soft texture and light colors to enhance the look for rooms with less traffic like bedrooms, guest rooms, and study rooms.