New Rug Trends 2021

Even after so many years, rugs are not out of fashion today. The trends in how rugs are being installed may have got changed to a certain extent. Many individuals wish to incorporate modern interior designs and wish to install a rug with them. Thus, with the changing time and requirements, trends in rugs have also been changing.

We are right now in middle of the year 2021. Let us see the new rugs trends of the year 2021.

New Rug Trends 2021
New Rug Trends 2021

What rugs are in style 2021?

The rugs styling you can use in 2021 is something that you can comfortably use with any interiors. So, what are the rugs styles that you can see more often in 2021? Here are some of them.

  • Though synthetic rugs were being used quite much, lately, more people prefer natural fabric rugs. So, you can estimate to see more usage of natural fabric rugs in the year 2021.
  • Also, as more people are looking towards a perfect and comfortable rug, there are high chances that hand-woven rugs will increase.
  • In the last half a decade, people have got more attracted to the bolder colors in different options. The same choice of bold and bright colors can be noticed in the case of rugs also now.
  • 2021 is expected to bring in a lot of patterned rugs too.
New Rug Trends 2021
New Rug Trends 2021

What is the latest trend in area rugs?

The rugs mentioned above styles are such that they are being estimated to rule in the year 2021 and even further. But these styles are estimated based on the latest trends in area rugs that are flourishing. So, what is the latest trend in area rugs that are noticed?

There are two of the most important trends that are currently ruling. More people are replacing the traditional patterns of the rugs with geometric patterns. More people are going for the neutral shades or the bright and bolder shades in place of the traditional colors that the rugs used to offer.

New Rug Trends 2021
New Rug Trends 2021

What color rugs are in style 2021?

Though some people are more towards the brighter shades of rugs such as yellow or even white, the most popular color to rule the recent time is grey. Different shades of grey are being used for different areas, such as a much lighter shade for the living room, an earthly-greyish shade for the study or the bedroom, etc.

In the last few years, neutral colors have ruled the rug’s style along with the brighter shades. Recently, more people are moving towards subtle shades. Hence, the greyish shade is highly in style for rugs in the year 2021.

What color rug shows the least dirt?

The usual colors of rugs and carpets were red, blue, mauve, and similar. These colors stay bright and chirpy when the rug is new. But as the dirt keeps on settling on the rug fabric, the color also starts getting dull and washed away.

Today, most people prefer to install rugs in the living room to enhance the room’s look. But the rug starts looking quite dull after a few weeks due to dirt and dust. Hence, rugs in different neutral shades such as grey, brown, tan, and black are more in use now to hide the dirt accumulated.

New Rug Trends 2021
New Rug Trends 2021

So, do you stay in a location that has high dust?

You should surely check out greyish and tan shades as these show the least dirt. 

Are layering rugs in style?

Layering rugs are quite a personal choice. Experts advise layering rugs for spacious areas such as a huge living room or a bedroom.

But recently, more people are also moving towards experimenting with the Bohemian look. It is the look that you can incorporate even when you have a smaller room. This is the major reason why most people prefer to go with this style as the rooms’ dimensions are getting smaller with each passing day. The layering of rugs is one of the eminent elements in the case of a Bohemian look too. A neutral-colored rug with a bright-colored rug in a layered pattern is very much in style recently.

Are rugs going out of style?

Who says rugs are going out of style? Rugs are an evergreen element that is still a much-preferred option for decorating houses and even offices and hotels. It is only that the style and trend of rugs and carpets have changed lately. More number of people are preferring to have oriental rugs compared to the traditional Persian type rugs simply due to the reasons of cost as well as maintenance.

What type of rug style is best for the living room?

There are two major fabrics to choose from if you search for a rug for the living room. The wool rugs have always been the best choice as they are super comfortable and can hide stains. On the other hand, if you wish to get a lesser expensive rug and do not require high maintenance, you should surely switch to polypropylene rugs. They also successfully hide stains.

New Rug Trends 2021
New Rug Trends 2021

You should check out bolder geometric patterns for living rooms to make the living room much spacious and breathable. The living room rugs have to be subtle and neutral in color as they make the environment look much brighter and energetic.

What is the most popular rug color for 2021?

Now the traditional colors such as beige are very much out in the case of rugs. As mentioned earlier, the recent color trend for rugs is mostly grey. Whether it is in the living room or elsewhere, most people prefer to choose different grey shades now, which may continue even in the year 2021.

Rugs have been there to create a statement while designing an interior. The best part about them is that they still are trending and are complement the modern interiors also quite well. One of the main reasons for this is that rugs have gone through several changes and evolution in their style and trends. Check out the latest trend of rugs that will dominate the year 2021 to get your space designed in a modern way.