Pure Silk Persian Rugs – a Handmade Perfection

Today there are several rug options available in the market. There are light-weight rugs that are colorful and affordable. On the other hand, some rugs have a modern design touch. Then why do many people still prefer pure silk Persian rugs?

Pure Silk Persian Rugs
Pure Silk Persian Rugs

To understand this, it is a great idea to know a bit about pure silk Persian rugs.

Is Persian Rug Made of Silk?

Professionals make authentic and traditional Persian rugs out of two materials, and these are wool and silk. There are also some rugs with both the fabrics, while there are also some with a single fabric.

If you talk about the pure silk Persian rug, there are different options available in this. Some makers harvest natural silk with the help of silk caterpillars to make the silk Persian rug. But some other makers make the Persian rugs from bamboo silk. Though manufacturing the carpet in both cases may be different, they both produce almost the same outcome.

What’s so special about Pure Silk Persian Rugs?

During so many options available today, there are still many people who prefer Persian silk rugs only. So, what is so special about these rugs that they are always so much trending. Well, the explanations are many, and we have stated a few of them here.

  • Silk Persian rugs offer a different look to the interior and make the whole area look beautiful.
  • Original pure silk Persian rugs are handmade and do not wear out faster. These can be passed on to generations in the family.
  • An essential feature of the Persian rugs is that it is unique in looks. Each carpet is different from each other. Decorate your house with Persian rugs to show off your artistic side.
  • The main reason to install rugs is to get a comfortable atmosphere within the house. The Persian rugs serve the purpose in an absolute way.
  • The fashion of silk Persian rugs never dies out. Even if you are using a Persia rug that your grandparents used, it will still look trendy with the modern interior decor.
  • Finally, having a Persian rug at your place states out how fascinating your taste is.

Persian vs. other Oriental Rugs

It gets quite tricky at times to distinguish between the Persian Rugs and the Oriental Rugs. As both are handmade and both have a value that keeps increasing, both rugs are quite popular worldwide. But there are some substantial variances between a Persian rug and an Oriental rug. Dig in to know about them even better and then decide upon your choices.

Pure Silk Persian Rugs
Pure Silk Persian Rugs

●      The Origin:

As the name suggests, the Persian rugs have their origin in Persia. But as per historical records, the borders of Persia changed several times. This can be a substantial cause why the novel Persian rugs come from Iran. Also, some of the Pakistani weavers are known to create such masterpieces. The Oriental rugs, on the other hand, have their origins from various countries such as China, India, Egypt, Tibet, and Turkey.

●      The Knots:

Another difference is the knots used in the weaving of the rugs. Symmetrical knots or Ghiordes knots make the Oriental knots. Otherwise, for the manufacturing of the Persian rugs are used asymmetrical knots, also known as Senneh knots.

How much does a real Persian Rug cost?

Pure Silk Persian rugs are expensive as they are handmade and are made up of the most delicate original fabrics. Now, how much the carpet will cost depends upon several factors such as:

  • The size of the rug
  • The number of knots in each inch
  • The worth of materials used in the manufacturing of the rug
  • The country where the mat has been factory-made
  • The type of dye in the rug
  • The design of the rug
  • The age of the rug
Pure Silk Persian Rugs
Pure Silk Persian Rugs

A rug with a good number of knots per inch and made with good fiber may come somewhere near $1000. But, if you are buying a supreme quality rug that is also an antique piece, it may cost you about $100,000.

How can you tell if a Persian Rug is Authentic?

If you are investing a high amount on the Persian rugs, you should also be sure whether it is authentic or not. Here are some of the ways how you can find out the authenticity of the silk Persian rugs.

  • Check at the backside of the Persian Rug. In an authentic rug, the foundation threads are visible, as you will also notice individual knots.
  • Handcrafted carpets are made up of normal materials such as cotton, wool, and silk. Another type, a machine-made carpet is made up of nylon or similar materials.
  • One of the greatest ways is to measure the knot width and the weft of the rug. Handmade rugs will have imperfections in terms of the measurements. But in the machine-made rug, the consistency will be the same and formal.

Is my Rug Valuable?

Already have a rug at home? How will you know whether it is valuable or not? Just flip the rug backside and mark an inch vertically and horizontally. Check how many knots are there in that 1-inch area. However, the quality of the fabric, dye, and other factors make a rug valuable. The density of the knots is something that makes the rug an expensive one. The higher the density, the more valuable the rug will be.

Pure Silk Persian Rugs
Pure Silk Persian Rugs

Why are Pure Silk Persian Rugs still in Style?

Pure silk Persian rugs are something that can never go out of style. One of the primary reasons is its quality. The silk or wool Persian rugs are a hefty floor covering that makes the interiors super comfortable. Also, they offer a rich look to the interiors. Though they are a bit expensive, they are still in style and will be there for the coming years.

Cleaning and Vacuuming of the Persian Rugs

The most crucial thing about the silk Persian rugs is to maintain it well. Proper cleaning will keep it look great years after years.

●      Cost of maintenance

As the original Persian rugs are quite heavy, it can get difficult to clean them at home. If you are taking any cleaning service for the rugs, it may cost you somewhere around $5 to $10 per inch, depending upon the fabric and the dirt accumulated on the carpet.

●      Cleaning at home

Pure silk Persian rugs are subtle and necessitate distinct attention while cleaning. If you have taken this challenge of cleaning the Persian rug at home, here are some of the guidelines that you should follow.

  • Vacuum clean the rug well to remove dust from it. Make sure that you do not vacuum clean the rug frequently, such as every day or so. This will weaken the fabric.
  • After vacuum cleaning, wash the rug in detergent water in a tub or so. Take help from someone else too, in case of a huge rug.
  • Make sure to dry the rug out in the Sun and ensure that each part of it is arid.
  • Do not use any chemical for stains, as this will damage the dye.

Though this regime can help you clean the rug at home, it is always ideal for a professional cleaner. Pure Silk Persian rugs are beautiful artistic pieces that alone can transform the look of an interior. Getting the original Persian rug can create an aesthetic drama and can create a comfortable atmosphere. Hence, it is vital to distinguish the variance between the actual Persian rugs and the oriental ones. Proper cleaning and maintaining the carpets will keep them last for years and can even be passed on to the next generations.