Safavieh Outdoor Area Rugs: Are They Really Good for Outdoor Use?

Rugs add a brilliant finesse to the fashion statement of any house. They are practical and add a hint of exquisiteness to your home. They can be comfortable to sit on. You can even use them to prevent your furniture from sliding off. Even your pets love rugs! That’s because rugs serve as a place for them to lie on and wiggle their little tails in peace. Our just love the Safavieh outdoor area rugs we have.

No matter how easy it may sound, choosing the right rug is a tough nut to crack. This becomes even crucial when selecting an outdoorsy rug. You see, not all rugs can easily be placed outside the premises of your bedroom, study, or living room. They must be soft enough to not sting your feet. At the same time, they must be sufficiently sturdy to bear frequent footfalls. Most importantly, they must have some resilience against all weather and climatic conditions.

We know all of this might get you worried about your outdoor rug. And that’s why we’ve dedicated this article to introduce a company that creates one of the finest outdoor area rugs. Well, if you didn’t guess from the article’s title yet, then we’re talking about Safavieh.

Safavieh Outdoor Area Rugs

What are Safavieh Outdoor Rugs?

Safavieh is a proud home-grown American company with an inspiring story to tell. For a company that started off as a family business, they’ve achieved great feats in the past thirty years. In short, theirs is a beautiful tale of expansion that began at a store in Madison Square. They now have their operations established across three continents!

They’ve created an entire line of Safavieh outdoor area rugs by the name of Safavieh Courtyard Collection. These rugs are built with materials that can endure outdoorsy conditions well. Plus, they’re made to look elegant, contemporary, or sassy for flexible use. In short, these rugs can be used for diversified purposes.

We’ve chosen the CY918-226 to represent the entire collection for the sake of this article! It is primarily an entry-level outdoor rug available in twenty-seven different sizes. You may even choose the rug of your liking in three shapes: square, rectangle, and round.

We’ll elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of Safavieh outdoor aera rugs in the article. However, there are few things you need to know before we move on to those explicit parts: –

Where are They Produced?

It is a rather simple question with tricky answers. That’s because Safavieh does not have a centralized production unit anymore. So, if you’re from the United States, you’ll probably get your rug manufactured in Port Washington. However, if you’re from Canada or Europe, your rug would come from a localized production facility.

What Price Range Do They Have?

As mentioned earlier in this article, we’re talking about Safavieh Courtyard Collection here. And, we’ve specifically chosen to speak about the CY918-226 model. This particular rug is available in twenty-seven different sizes and are ranged accordingly. The smallest sized rug (2’ x 3’7”) is available at $14.69. However, the largest rug is sized at 6’7” x 9’6” and comes at a relatively higher price.

What Quality to Expect?

Now, this is a question we love to answer about Safavieh Outdoor Area Rugs. Although, before we answer the question, you must acknowledge that these rugs are meant to be used both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, they’re created by power-looming synthetic yarns. This provides extreme durability to the rugs while also adding on to their style quotient!

In short, this rug is made from polypropylene and comes in a combination of colors and design. The model here, however, has blue as its primary shade!

Safavieh Outdoor Area Rugs

What about the Maintenance of Safavieh Outdoor Area Rugs?

These are Safavieh outdoor area rugs that can be put in courtyards, backyards, or driveways. They can even be placed across the side of the pool. Their placement is totally up to your will and acceptance, nonetheless. The point here is that they barely need any maintenance. In fact, a timely vacuum should do the job just fine. Plus, an occasional splash of water never hurts the rugs either. And, since they’re meant for outdoorsy use, you don’t even need to bother about staining them too.

Are They Toxic in Nature?

Not that the company willingly puts in any harmful chemicals to spoil the rugs. However, you may still find traces of chemicals used to die and treat the rugs during production. That being said, they’re made up of polypropylene. So, you may expect the rugs to be as safe as a wool rug. However, they’re not as much hypoallergenic in nature!

Advantages of Safavieh Outdoor Area Rugs

We simply love these rugs for their looks and practical design. However, that is not the only adorable thing about these rugs. So, here’s a glimpse of all the primary advantages they offer:

  • The polypropylene used to manufacture these rugs do not release any sort of harmful gases. So, these rugs are typically safe for use across all outdoorsy places.
  • These rugs do not require extensive care. In fact, they can be cleaned off rather easily. All you need is a vacuum cleaner or a bucket of water.
  • Propylene fabrics are power-loomed to create these elegant rugs. This grants them an added sense of durability and longevity.
  • The company itself is a reputed name within the industry. It’s has a legacy of more than a hundred years. Moreover, it used to be a family business that turned international. In short, anyone can vouch for the quality of their products.
  • They’re really sleek in design. In fact, these rugs are merely 0.25 inch in thickness. This means that you can put them under any furniture without any trouble!

Disadvantages of Safavieh Outdoor Area Rugs

Despite having a lot of advantages to offer, we figured out a few disadvantages in these rugs as well: –

  • They might not end up looking like the pictures you find on the internet.
  • The rugs you receive might be wrinkled due to the packaging process. This occurs due to excessive stress caused by folding the rugs. That being said, the wrinkles are not permanent. In fact, the wrinkles are barely noticeable after using the rugs for more than a week.


Rugs do add to the style quotient of any household. This further toughens the rug selection process. And, outdoor area rugs can be even trickier to choose from. That’s why we decided to create this very article in the first place. And, now that we’re about to end this, you already know about all the pros and cons of these rugs, especially about the Safavieh outdoor area rugs. Plus, you even understand the disadvantages they come along with. We’d definitely recommend these for all sorts of outdoor usage. However, the final decision rests well within your hands!