Which Are the Best Non-Toxic Kids Rugs?

When it comes to the toxicity of materials, no one should ever purchase them. The prime is a concern about your kid’s health. It is always overwhelming when you have to choose a single product while there is a plethora of options.

Kids are delicate beings, and we cannot take a second chance under any circumstances. Several rugs are made under chemical procedures, which may cause some sort of discomfort to your adorable one. 

So, without further ado, let me tell you that this article is all about what you’re looking for, i.e., non-toxic kids’ rugs.

If you have to buy one, go for rugs made with natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and jute because they are hypoallergenic and do not undergo chemical refinery procedures. It does not contain fire retardant chemicals. That’s why you see, and it is always recommended to pick a rug with natural fibers, especially when you have kids around. 

Which Rugs Are Non-Toxic?

You should always look for natural fibers when looking for rugs suitable for kids as they are pretty toxic in nature and comfortable as well. It is recommended to look for fibers that are handmade and do avoid carpets that have been attached with glues, which mainly contain formaldehyde or also known as latex.    

Non-Toxic Kids Rugs

Are Ikea Rugs Non-Toxic?

It is often questioned if Ikea rugs are non-toxic, and it depends on just a simple ‘yes or no.’ It is always the right place to start as the company is committed to using eco-friendly and better materials for people. All Ikea rugs contain synthetic fibers. It uses harmless fire retardants, which are a bit safer than traditional ones. However, it is not entirely non-toxic. 

Are Safavieh Rugs Non-Toxic?

Safavieh rugs are made with cotton, so you can probably guess what I’m going to say. Yes, the safavieh rug has a blend of both high tech and high craftsmanship. As it is primarily made of cotton, it is basically non-toxic. Naturally soft and comfortable. Also, I would like to add that it can be cleaned in the washing machine as it is made from earthly materials. 

What Is the Best Non-Toxic Rug?

Non-Toxic Kids Rugs
Non-Toxic Kids Rugs

Whenever it comes to the best non-toxic rug, we always consider natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and silk. However, it is recommended to go organic wool and cotton. Because no chemical is used in the refinery processes, and no chemical flame retardants are applied.  

What Is the Healthiest Rug to Buy?

If you are a health-conscious individual, you probably understand that it is unsafe to use rugs made with chemicals. It causes skin irritation and can even make you fall sick. If looking for the healthiest rug to buy, look for rugs made with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or jute. These are eco-friendly and are less likely to cause any discomfort. 

Non-Toxic Kids Rugs

Is Polyester Rug Better Than Polypropylene?

It does not matter if it is polyester or polypropylene; both are essentially plastic. They have similar properties, like the colors won’t bleed while washing as the shades are fabricated deep into the core of the material. Polypropylene appears to be more hydrophobic properties if compared to polyester.

Non-Toxic Kids Rugs
Non-Toxic Kids Rugs

As it doesn’t absorb much water, the water moves freely and evenly and gets evaporated, and the material dries much quicker. Furthermore, polyester is way more UV resistant than the other. The colors of polypro fade quicks while polyester’s color does not. 

So, it is better to stick with polyester and finalize it for buying. 

Can Old Rugs Make You Sick?

Talking about older rugs, chances are; it may get you sick. Human beings tend to be allergic to mold. Mold spores move around the house, similarly to pollen. These spores find shelter in your carpet. Furthermore, old rugs cause skin irritation, rashes. Accumulation of dust mites in your unclean carpet can make you sick. 

Is It Safe to Sleep in A Room with A New Rug?

And yes, of course, it’s safe to sleep with a new rug in your room. But certain precautions are needed to be taken for you to be safe during your sleep hours. Like you can open the windows of the room and help let the VOCs air out of the room, or you can use another room for the first couple of days after installing the rug. 

Non-Toxic Kids Rugs
Non-Toxic Kids Rugs

Is Polyester Rug Bad for Your Health?

Polyester is known to be a toxic synthetic material that consists of volatile organic compounds that, as a result, emits a sustainable number of harmful gases like phenyl cyclohexane. 

The adhesives used to attach the rugs to the floor usually comprise benzene and toluene, which are known to be a few among the most harmful VOCs. Though polyester rugs are cheap and pocket-friendly, homes with kids and allergy sufferers are advised not to use polyester products.


Companies are producing many rugs these days as they see a hike in demand for rugs. These rugs help to keep the room which is prone to stains and all. But, when the concern is about picking up the best rug, it all comes down to natural fibers. Undoubtedly, cotton shall be the best pick as always. Not treated with no fire-retardant chemicals, which makes it an absolute delight for children. Moreover, it is soft and cozy, which gives your kid a great experience all together.